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The a2Results community is a group of professionals in various fields of knowledge. Our mission is to contribute to interaction, innovation and sustainability in business and society.

This knowledge platform is under construction. Current english pages include:

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a2Results®: acceleration towards successful results

Innovation thrives on human interaction. Successful projects and initiatives come from groups which interact in ways that energize and organize the collective effort and capabilities. The a2Results® formula is based on three simple and yet powerful questions:

  • What is the desired outcome and for who?
  • How do we know that we are succesful?
  • What do we need for a faster, better and more sustainable outcome?

a2Results formula

a2Results® formula

The a2Results® formula is a powerfull, flexible combination of knowledge, tools and interventions for sustainable improvement, change and innovation. Seven Human success factors accelerate the collective potential to succeed.

a2Results® tools are available for licensed re-use by other professions who are involved in improving the performance of groups of people, such as project teams, operational teams, organizations and communities.  It includes professionals in both leadership, educational or facilitation roles, such as coaches, mediators, facilitators, managers, project managers and organizational change agents.