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  • How to order the a2Results®app?
  • How to use the a2Results®app?
  • Creating a shared meaning
  • How to create a new path?
  • Practical guidelines

How to order the a2Results®app ?

  • Download the a2Results®app for IOS or Android or use the web-application.
  • Purchase an event code in our webshop. Every event code has a limited amount of users.
  • For instance: assume you would like to survey a project team of 6 team members. How does it work? Each member logs in with the same event code and his or her own email address.
  • During or after the meeting you’ll use the event code to view the team profile.

How to use a2Results®app?

Download and install

Download a2Results®app – for IOS

Download a2Results®app- for android

Problems downloading or installing?

  • Use the a2Results®app- web version and  login with your event code. User data is constantly updated across all platforms.


Please login with your event code and email address. In case it is not possible to log in, first check the internet connection and email address. Then check with the purchaser of the event code whether:

  • the correct event code is applied;
  • the event code is still valid;
  • the number of team members do not exceed the maximum.

Still having problems? Please contact us.

Using the a2Results®app

Once you have answered all thirty-five items of the questionnaire, the a2Results®app instantly provides you with a team profile. In case that this questionnaire is not available, what might be the cause?

  • You have already filled out the questionnaire.

The solution: use another event code.

Creating a shared meaning

Do it yourself

The a2Results® Team app provides you wit h a coherent set of information for a first and quick interpretation of the group perception. Please use the standard info button of the app. This will quide you in finding the shared meaning.

More information

Human success factors

Expert opinion

Sometimes you just need a little help to find our own way.

Please contact a certified professional with experience in the field of acceleration to successful results. Support is available via skype.


Do you feel that the group needs an impulse to improve, change or innovate?

Our a2Results®Facilitators are happy to support you on site. They will help your team to take the first steps into a new direction.

Please contact us and tell us how we can help you.

How to create a new path?

Do it now

It is a simple question: What could be improved right now?

The key is to find the anwers together using the team profile that is presented in the a2Results® Team app.

The most powerful answer is Focus. Almost 40% of all groups that have already used the success factor scan feel that it is paramount to have a good focus. They choose to improve:

  • coherence of results
  • translation of bigger picture into individual task
  • proactive alignment among group members.

More survey information:

Do we need a seamless workflow?

Blended approach

Combine the a2Results®app with Mindsonar®.

This creates a powerful and enforcing feedback loop between the way way we think and the way we experience the success factors. Another outcome will emerge when we change the way we think and perceive.

Please read:

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Do you follow a set path?

Simple sustainability

Sustainable change and innovation thrives on simplicity and endurance. The key is to find out which small steps and which direction will change your landscape. Start with the small difference that makes a big difference.

More information

Human success factors

Masterclass accelerate towards successful results

Masterclass optimal mindset for joint success

Practical guidelines

Check out thirty-five success markers and hundreds of micro-interventions for faster, better and sustainable results.