a2Results formula

Innovation thrives on human interaction. Everything we use or will use in our daily life is the result of combined knowledge, experience and labor of others. Successful projects and initiatives come from groups which interact in ways that energize and organize the collective effort and capabilities.

Seven human success factors are defined within an integrated framework for sustainable innovation which accelerate the collective potential to succeed.

These factors influence the task cohesion and social cohesion in teams, projects and groups.

What is a success marker?

Success literally means ‘a measure or degree of succeeding’ A success marker is an indicator about the chance that something will turn out well.  Within the scope of a2Results success factors these markers are used to share personal perceptions and feelings.

The a2Results® Team app is a survey instrument that combines personal experience into a team profile. Thirty five markers help the team to obtain a coherent snapshot about the state of the team and to find interventions for improvement. This ‘accelerates towards successful results’.