Individual improvement

It is not easy to balance our values when we are unaware of what is really important to us. One essential question shows the way to our value system:

  • Why is ‘this’ important to me in this specific situation?

Use the answers from various situations to find values that are common. Such as safety, harmony, results etc…

Then evaluate your team setting.

  • What are the team values (such as quality, speed, alignment) and how do I balance?


Team improvement

Team values are often implicit and tend to surface in challeging situations. For instance when a team is facing a higher workload than it can absorb. What is more important in that situation:

  • Individuals or the group?
  • Relationships or results?
  • Achieving or learning?
  • Short term or long term?

As every situation and team is unique there is not just one right general answer. The key message is: make sure the team is aligned. Questions to stimulate alignment in a specific situation are:

  • What is important to us as a team?
  • Are our team values aligned with all team members and our environment?
  • What do we accept?

Other interventions

Analyse individual and team values systems. E.g. by using tests such as Management Drives, Insights or Mindsonar.

Balanced values

We keep a good balance between personal and collective values

Finding a proper balance between personal values and team values is a constant struggle and needs to be addressed in teams.  A proper balance is a prerequisite for high performing teams that work with the principle of purpose and intent.

Authentic action

Authentic Action comes from the core of our beliefs and being, and contributes to the world around us. Our motivation increases when we focus on how our personal actions connect to and contribute to the bigger business ecosystem that we are a part of.

The success strategy: Focus on added value. We balance personal and collective choices in line with the bigger business ecosystem that we feel a part of. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Personal contribution
  • Choose from a whole
  • Balanced values
  • Individual priorities
  • Improve interaction