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(Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)

We decide and choose with the bigger picture in mind

In general teams are convinced that the bigger picture is included in the team decisions. This increases the chance that the team outcome will integrate in the bigger whole, which leads to sustainable outcomes. This integration is however hampered by two other success markers: people have trouble translating the bigger picture and information from meetings into the individual task.

Authentic action

Authentic Action comes from the core of our beliefs and being, and contributes to the world around us. Our motivation increases when we focus on how our personal actions connect to and contribute to the bigger business ecosystem that we are a part of.

The success strategy: Focus on added value. We balance personal and collective choices in line with the bigger business ecosystem that we feel a part of. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Personal contribution
  • Choose from a whole
  • Balanced values
  • Individual priorities
  • Improve interaction


Individual improvement

Our everyday choices are based on feelings, values, and perceptions. Choosing from a whole implies that our choices originate from a bigger perception than just our personal scope of work. Choosing from is a whole is a key to achieving sustainable results which require integration and alignment. Questions to widen your focus:

  • What is the scope of my daily work?
  • Which ‘small’ choices did I make today?
  • Why did I make a certain choice?
  • Was it aligned with the overall choices we make as a team, group or organization?

Team improvement

Teams that choose from a whole have a clear focus on people, systems, information and activities in their business ecosystem.

They base their choices on the shared context and shared values in this ecosystem. To check and balance during a meeting:

  • What do we feel that is important (team)
  • What is important in the perception of others (business ecosystem)
  • What choice do we make right now?

Other interventions

Agile settings: story mapping

Portfolio management settings: Multi-criteria analysis

Project settings: Benefit analysis