Individual improvement

Empowerment originates from two sources:

  • internal: feeling inspired, motivated and energized from an internal feeling or mindset
  • external: getting permission, appreciation, energy or inspiration from others

Review your inner sources with questions such as:

  • How do I motivate myself?
  • What do I feel responsible for?

Review and balance with your external source:

  • Who inspires me?
  • What is my formal task or responsibility?

Focus on increasing your circle of influence.

Team improvement

Create clear defintions of tasks, roles and responsibilities for all team members. Balance autonomy among team members in accordance with the level of competence.

Also define and sustain a group responsibility: We, as a team, feel responsible for…

Other interventions

Use the a2Results® Team app at regular interval and discusss team development.

Stimulate transparancy, interaction and openness.

Feeling empowered


krachtig-en-bevoegd voelen

We feel strong and empowered to do what is necessary for achieving the collective goal

Recent surveys show that 34% of the professionals feels empowered but almost the same number feels not.  Feeling empowered is a prerequisite for taking the lead and working in a flow. (Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)


co-leadershipPersonal leadership, feeling empowered to take initiative, is one of the key factors for achieving an integrated and sustainable outcome.

The success strategy: Take initiative. We inspire others by example to engage and to interact towards an integrated and sustainable outcome. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Feel empowered
  • Take the lead
  • Group focus
  • Social interaction
  • Generative mindset