Individual improvement

Create your personal conditions  for a generative mindset:

  • Make sure you are balanced and in a good condition;
  • Find an overarching purpose and objective that inspires you;
  • Value the importance of good working relationships;
  • Focus on useful settings and tasks to work together.

Team improvement

  • Express and discuss inspirations;
  • Focus on finding connections between perceptions, inspirations and personal goals;
  • Find the triple win: self, team, others;
  • Talk about the ‘why’ and the ‘for whom’ of the team and align with personal inspiration and ambition.

Other interventions

  • Create a team profile of drives and thinking styles by using tools like Mindsonar®
  • Find moments to align on team mission, vision, ambition and roles.

Generative mindset

We align inspirations and ambitions into a collective mindset

A generative mindset creates more possibilities than one single person can imagine. Sustainable succes is the result of people that are driven to align their inspiration and ambition into a collectieve mindset. 45% of the professionals in the survey feels that team members lack the commitment to do so. In settings which need creativity or problem solving capabilities a collective mindset might spark when team members built on each other and try to find the common ground that embraces the differences. (Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)


co-leadershipPersonal leadership, feeling empowered to take initiative, is one of the key factors for achieving an integrated and sustainable outcome.

The success strategy: Take initiative. We inspire others by example to engage and to interact towards an integrated and sustainable outcome. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Feel empowered
  • Take the lead
  • Group focus
  • Social interaction
  • Generative mindset