46% is unsatisfied

(Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)


We regularly evaluate and improve our daily work

Continuous improvement of the daily work is a blind spot for many people. When talking about themselves professionals feel they learn and improve unconsciously. Ask them about all professionals in the team and their perception is the opposite: 49% feels that team members do not evaluate and improve their daily work.  Regular evaluation and improvement is quickly becoming the key for an agile work settings.

Learning and knowledge transfer

Teams that want to achieve a sustainable outcome need to learn in order to adapt to the dynamic world in which information and interdependencies constantly change. Collective learning, transferring knowledge about dependencies and the root cause of problems, increases the collective ability to anticipate to future events.

The success strategy: Anticipate by learning together. We share and apply our knowledge and experience into our daily practice in order to better anticipate to future challenges and situations. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Improve daily work
  • Anticipate
  • Root cause
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Learn together


How do I improve?

Complete your tasks and meetings with three simple quiestions:


  1. What works?
  2. What needs to improve?
  3. How to approach it next time?

Focus on small adjustments with a large effect.

Log the answers. Evaluate this log after 10 days and find a thinking pattern that needs adjustment.

How do we improve?

Evaluate team activities in a 10 minute break-out:

  1. What went well
  2. What could be done smarter
  3. What could be done differently

Focus on:

  • lead time
  • flow
  • quality or rework

Use the answers to define easy to implement improvements.

Other interventions

  • Evaluate with customers, management, support staff and other stakeholders;
  • Find out what factors contributed to success and stimulate these factors;
  • Evaluation as a standard agenda item in meetings.