33% is satisfied

(Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)

We always try to improve interaction with others

The survey shows that 33% of the team members feel the positive intent of others to improve the social interaction. However 24% of the professionals feels the opposite. The quality and timely delivery of results is depending on the social interaction of all professionals involved.

Authentic action

Authentic Action comes from the core of our beliefs and being, and contributes to the world around us. Our motivation increases when we focus on how our personal actions connect to and contribute to the bigger business ecosystem that we are a part of.

The success strategy: Focus on added value. We balance personal and collective choices in line with the bigger business ecosystem that we feel a part of. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Personal contribution
  • Choose from a whole
  • Balanced values
  • Individual priorities
  • Improve interaction


Individual improvement

The qualitiy of interaction is characterized by your personal feeling about:

  • the energy we get from the interaction;
  • the sustained effect of the cooperation.

Depending on the situation the interaction might need a deeper level of improvement:

  1. improve the shared context
  2. align activities
  3. combine personal power
  4. improve knowledge transfer
  5. joint inspiration

Team improvement

Evaluate team interaction with the use of the a2Results® Team app using one of the following evaluation topics:

  • What do I need in this team to deliver a sustainable output?
  • What do we need as a team for faster, better and sustainable results?

Other interventions

  • Maintain a dual focus: results and people;
  • Check your comfort level in social interaction
  • Give feedback on perceived energy level during face to face contact
  • Invest time and effort in improving relationships