48% is satisfied

(Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)


We are well aware how our personal work contributes to the final outcome

Many professionals feel a strong connection between their own work and the final outcome of the team. Combined with the fact that the majority of professionals is motivated by the team outcome it stresses the importance of a shared context.

Authentic action

Authentic Action comes from the core of our beliefs and being, and contributes to the world around us. Our motivation increases when we focus on how our personal actions connect to and contribute to the bigger business ecosystem that we are a part of.

The success strategy: Focus on added value. We balance personal and collective choices in line with the bigger business ecosystem that we feel a part of. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Personal contribution
  • Choose from a whole
  • Balanced values
  • Individual priorities
  • Improve interaction


Individual improvement

The following questions might help you to become aware of your contribution (‘mission’):

  • Record three to seven ‘results’ that you have achieved in the past week;
  • Evaluate how others will use or re-use your ‘output’
  • Rank the results in line with the ‘value’ for others;
  • Set your priorities for the next week.

Team improvement

Focus on ‘customers’ and the overall outcome of the team effort.

Evaluate the team output of the past two weeks:

  • What did we achieve?;
  • How does that effect others?;
  • In what way does it increase the ‘ease’ or ‘value’ of their work?

Other interventions

Identify the realtinship between actions, outcomes and goals.

Review team output in relation to the baseline requirements or objectives.