29% is unsatisfied

(Source: Ruysdael research on connected leadership)


We are able to translate the big picture into our individual task

Most projects and groups are organized according to a top-down principle: Goals – Deliverables – actions.  When team members are unable to translate the bigger picture into smaller tasks, this principle fails and successful results are unreachable. Research show that 29% of the professionals is unsatisfied.

Shared context

A context is our personal story, perception or experience that frames the way we think and act. In groups the collective context, a coherent and shared ‘big picture’ of results and approach, stimulates co-creation and the willingness to participate.

The success strategy: We all recognize the big picture and we are willing to work together towards a collective outcome. We can discuss this factor using the following success markers:

  • Shared vision
  • Coherent overview
  • Interdependencies
  • Motivating outcome
  • Translate big picture


Individual improvement

Frequently shift focus between the bigger picture and small tasks.

Review your work from the perspective of others to obtain the bigger picture.

Be specific about your own task and find the link between your own perspective and the perspective of others.

Team improvement

Invest time and effort in obtaining good relationships with the people in the environment of your team.

Review the team backlog, issuelist or actionlist to find the link between each individual task and the bigger picture.

Other interventions

Ask the HOW-question: How do we translate this big picture to small steps?

Apply methods for setting up a customer journey and for analyzing stakeholders and processes.